About The Glory Be Homestead Family

Welcome to The Glory Be Homestead.  We are inspired by creation, a century old farmhouse, and a deep longing for the simple things in life.  We spend our days tending to life that is all around us:  the hearts and minds of our sweet children, the many animals we are raising, pastures and gardens, and of course that darn leaking roof.

We live on 20 acres in Eastern Ohio that consists of a 1901 farmhouse, an old barn, rolling pastures, and a bit of woods.  The land is perfect for grazing our dairy cow Ginger and her calves, our flock of Katahdin sheep, and the (what feels like) 1,000,000,000 chickens we currently have.  Ask us next season and I’m sure there will be some hogs, meat birds, and goats in the mix.

We have eight young children whose ages span from baby to 13, including 2 girls and 6 boys.  That means our days are usually messy, chaotic, and loud.  But as they say, there is pleasure in the pain.  Having so many little ones means we get that many more hugs and kisses, homemade “treasures”, and practice at saying “I’m sorry”.

We homestead for many reasons.  Having gardens and livestock are fulfilling in and of themselves, but the delicious, homegrown food we eat because of them, now that’s worth it.  And it’s all at a fraction of the cost of buying organic store bought food.  We homestead because it forces us to learn timeless skills that have fallen by the wayside- living seasonally, preserving food, & animal husbandry to name a few.  And last but certainly not least, we homestead because it’s a life that is conducive to being together as a family, all the time.  We work, learn, and play side by side with the loves of our lives.

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We love “talking shop” with friends and neighbors and we believe everybody has a little bit of homesteading spirit within them, so big farm or small lot, we need to be in dialogue with one another.  Thanks for visiting.

Mike and Angela Kachur & Family