It’s true, there is a world wide pandemic. We are suggesting that everyone acts quickly. Take a really good inventory and stock up on the most important essentials. Then, find a quiet place away from all the chaos and stay there in quarantine until you are 100% sure you are safe.

Yes, my friends, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but you ARE going to die. We’ll say it again. YOU WILL DIE!!!

Some will die from this virus or that virus. Some might die in an accident. Some will die from cancer or another disease. Others will go on suffering for some time, but they will eventually die, too.

So today search your heart and determine what is most important to you. Then, stock up on that.

My friends, we at the Glory Be Homestead, pray that what you stock up on is Jesus. Because everything else is just toilet paper. When you die, He will not care how clean your backside is. He will only care how clean your soul is 🙂

May you experience the peace of God on earth and everlasting life with Him in heaven.


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