It’s All About the Chickens- Part 2


Since we’re on the subject of chickens and how amazing they are for filling your freezer, let’s talk about their other glorious output…eggs.  Oh my word, I don’t know how I lived before fresh eggs from free range chickens.  I believe that all humans do indeed have the right to the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  But with all my heart I believe humans also have the right to access farm fresh eggs.  I feel like if there’s one food I can provide for my children- it would be eggs.  They are food for their young brains. Everybody deserves to have them at mealtime.  Eggs purchased from a local farm whose chickens free range or are on grass, far surpass the nutritional quality of store bought eggs.  And relatively speaking, they are a cheap source of protein.  When times are tough and food costs are rising, turn to eggs as a source of health.  They’re great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  We eat them scrambled, fried, and runny.  We eat them poached in broth, folded into a burrito, or turned into omelets.  Dinner is often egg casserole which is nothing more than eggs, a meat, cheese, and milk baked in the oven.  We also enjoy hardboiled eggs for an afternoon snack or made into egg salad.  So you see there is something for every occasion.

Angela with Chicken

Over the last few years we’ve always kept enough chickens to provide eggs for our own family.  Occasionally, during molt season or the dead of winter, there is an egg famine where I panic (you know because I love them so much).  It’s one food I refuse to buy at the store.  There are also times where we are drowning in eggs and so we share or sell to friends.  It feels good to be able to provide some of the food we grow to our friends and neighbors. Soooo with that goal in mind…this weekend we went and bought another 40 Golden Comet chickens from a local farm.  They are 18 months old so already of laying age. It’s about to get crazy over here.  We already have a coop with 30 layers, another coop with 30 pullets (chickens not yet laying), and now we added the 40 new girls to a neat part of the barn known as a corn crib.  I say it’s going to get crazy over here because, well, that’s a lot of chickens for a homesteader!  We are by no means a commercial farm.  So it’s just us gathering, feeding, watering, WASHING, and packaging.  But it’s exciting because like I said, everyone should partake in their goodness!

Chicken Main

It’s nice to have a few regular customers and also to bring some to the farmer’s market this summer.  We will have all kinds of homesteading bounty at the booth and of course eggs are a part of that. It’s a good goal for any farming endeavor to pay for itself.  I can’t stress that enough. Nothing on the homestead is free. But this lifestyle is not one that should cause you to go into debt or have to pay tons of money for your delicious, homegrown food. Make those enterprises pay for themselves!  Now, if money weren’t an issue, it would be so cool to put one of those “lending library” type mailboxes at the end of my driveway only instead of books I’d fill it with FREE cartons of eggs.  Keep an eye out for that!

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